“Frölich” Kölsch

“Frölich” translates to “cheerfully” in German. This crisp, delicate beer is fermented with ale yeast, but cold conditioned like a lager, with floral and spice characteristics from both Tettnang (bittering) and Hersbrücker (aromatic) hops. Fantastic with nutty cheeses and summer sausages. Best paired with German Schlager musik. 

SRM = 3.0

IBU = 17.1

ABV = 4.9%


“Old Steeleye” Nut Brown Ale

Our “Old Steeleye” NBA offers a light toasted nut and chocolatey character representative of the Northern English style. Subtle bittering with Fuggles hops make this a very food-friendly ale, complementing a variety of roasted meats and smoked gouda. Best paired with late 60’s British folk rock.

SRM = 12.4

IBU = 21.1

ABV = 4.4%


“Altissimo” Wineberry Wheat

Flavored with hand-picked Virginia wineberries grown on our farm, this Hefeweizen presents a forward raspberry bouquet as well as subtle aromas of banana and clove. Delightful with salads, seafood and chèvre. Best paired with soprano sax jazz.

SRM = 11.7

IBU = 8.2

ABV = 4.1


“Luquillo” Session IPA 

Cryo hop flavors of mango, grapefruit, stone fruits, berries and faint herbal pine are balanced by just enough malt richness with undertones of lightly toasted bread with a caramel and toffee-like character. Moderate bitterness and highly aromatic, perfectly complementing arroz con gandules. Best paired with Reggaeton on the beaches of Puerto Rico.

SRM = 8.4

IBU = 53.9

ABV = 4.9




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